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Forest Lodge Garden Centre for great value and garden inspiration


  • Plant trees, roses, soft fruit and shrubs now, as this allows the plants to establish over the winter ready to burst into life next spring. Plant with a rose, tree and shrub compost. Stake plants well to allow roots to establish.
  • Now is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Dig up dahlia tubers and gladiolus corms, dust with sulphur and store in a dry and cool, but frost-free position.
  • Pick ripe apples and pears and handle carefully prior to storage in a cool, airy position. Add grease bands to your fruit trees to stop crawling pests and the diseases they can carry
  • Harvest and store potatoes, carrots and beetroots when ready.
  • As space becomes vacant from harvesting, dig over the ground in the veggie patch. Add in plenty of organic matter such as Westland’s Organic Farmyard Manure to improve soil condition ready for next year. You can plant out spring cabbage now.
  • Lay new lawns from turf, as warm moist soils will prevent drying out and aid speedy root establishment.
  • Rake/scarify established lawns to remove dead grass and thatch, and then spike the surface with fork or lawn aerator to improve drainage.
  • Clean and sterilise propagation equipment with Jeyes Fluid, then store ready for use next spring.
  • Move tender plants into a sheltered position before the first frosts arrive.
  • Remember we have everything you need to make that leaf-clearing job really easy, from leaf blowers, grabbers and rakes.
  • Cut back herbaceous perennials and divide your rhubarb crowns to remove old exhausted ones.
  • Once you have cleaned out your green house, consider moving frost tender plants inside for winter protection. Wrap them up with bubble wrap is best or why not try a fleece jacket. These slip straight over your plant and tie up at the base, brilliant! Remember to check them periodically for water. Keep a can or two of water inside for topping up on freezing cold days.
Forest Lodge Garden Centre is part of the Haskins family business, which includes Birdworld and Garden Style