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Forest Lodge Garden Centre for great value and garden inspiration


  • Feed and water camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons regularly with an ericaceous fertiliser as they are now starting to form next year's flower buds.
  • Tie in new growth on climbers as needed.
  • Later in August you can remove faded annuals and plant fresh ones.
  • Prune summer varieties of raspberries down to ground level, once they have finished fruiting. Now is the time to replant young or new strawberries plants.
  • Now is the time to prune wisteria for the second time. Cut back the long whip like, light green stems with young foliage at the tips. These should be traced right back to the stem and cut back there. Also cut back the foliage to reduce it by up to half with sharp garden shears.
  • If it becomes difficult to keep up with all the watering in hot weather, concentrate on the plants in flower or fruit, and the most recently planted. Remember you can use ‘grey water ‘for this. That’s the water left from washing up or bathing.
  • Earth up main crop potatoes to give an increased yield.
  • Feed tomatoes regularly with Tomorite, and pinch out side shoots as they appear.
  • Don’t forget to take some time to just sit back and enjoy your garden with friends and family!
Forest Lodge Garden Centre is part of the Haskins family business, which includes Birdworld and Garden Style