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Forest Lodge Garden Centre for great value and garden inspiration


  • Finish planting summer bedding in hanging baskets, pots, window boxes and troughs. Start watering, deadheading and feeding plants regularly with a soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Gro to maintain the best displays.
  • Thin out seedlings of hardy annuals and vegetables that were sown directly into the soil to allow them to reach their potential.
  • Trim hedges as needed.
  • Check all new and young plants for watering during warm dry spells.
  • Protect soft fruit bushes with netting and make a frame where needed.
  • Put straw or matting under strawberries to stop rotting and protect from slugs.
  • Earth up soil around main crop potatoes.
  • Continue to mow lawns frequently, and reduce the cutting height if the grass is growing quickly.
  • Train, water and feed tomatoes, cucumbers and melons regularly with a good quality fertiliser such as Levingtons Tomorite to ensure the best crops. Don’t forget to pinch out the vigorous young growth at the leaf joints known as side shoots.
  • Remember to support taller plants as they become heavier when they flower with plant supports and plant rings.
  • Now is the time to prune spring flowering shrubs once they have finished flowering, which will promote new growth for more flowers next year.
  • Keep on top of those weeds with regular hoeing; why not try upgrading to a stainless steel hoe. These will glide effortlessly through your soil.
  • Remember to use paint on greenhouse shading such as “Cool Glass.” It’s easy to apply and cuts down on the watering as well as saving your plants from scorching.
Forest Lodge Garden Centre is part of the Haskins family business, which includes Birdworld and Garden Style