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Forest Lodge Garden Centre for great value and garden inspiration


  • Give lawns the first cut of the year, with the blades set on the highest cut. Apply a good quality lawn feed weed and moss killer, such as Evergreen Complete; then rake out the dead moss and re-seed any bald patches.
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs when they have finished flowering, and tidy back evergreen hedges and shrubs as needed. Add an organic feed afterwards like, Vitax or Growmore.
  • Sow outdoors garden vegetable seeds like peas, broad beans, leeks, cauliflower, summer cabbage, brussel sprouts, onions, spinach, turnips, parsnips and lettuce.
  • Other tender vegetables such as cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes and runner beans can be sown in greenhouses or cloches, ready for planting out next month.
  • Sow straight into the ground seeds of hardy annuals such as nasturtium, calendula, lavatera and cornflowers.
  • Feed all other plants in the garden using a high quality granular fertiliser such as Vitax Q4, to improve plant flowering and growth.
  • Dust off the barbeque and make sure you have plenty of gas or charcoal. The BBQ season is just around the corner!
  • Prune roses and tie in climbing forms keeping as much new growth as possible. Think of an over all shape like a fan or a fountain as a guide and keep as much aerial growth as possible to fill in the gaps between the stems.
  • Bush roses should be pruned by cutting out any dead/damaged stems and pruning healthy shoots back to the fourth outward facing bud with sharp secateurs. Feed with top rose and apply well-rotted manure afterwards.
  • Consider conserving water in the garden now before the really warm weather arrives. You can attach water butts to the gutter down pipes of your house to harvest fresh rain water. You can apply a two-inch mulch of bark or compost to beds and borders to retain moisture lost through evaporation.
  • Install a micro drip watering system for accurate watering and if you add a water timer it will even take care of things when you’re away from home.
  • Adding gel crystals when planting containers can reduce the need for watering dramatically. All of these ideas will make your garden more environmentally sound, and reduce your work load in the summer too.
Forest Lodge Garden Centre is part of the Haskins family business, which includes Birdworld and Garden Style